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The Story Behind the Shop

Lindsey Smith, a Leechburg native, has always been passionate about writing, publishing, and books. She’s an award-winning, best-selling author (8 books and counting) and always dreamed about running her own bookstore.


One day she noticed a space—available for rent—in her hometown. The best part? It was located directly next to Chuck Smith Flooring, the flooring business founded 36 years ago by Lindsey’s mother and late father. 


Lindsey snapped a photo of the vacant space and texted her friend and business partner, Alexandra Franzen.


“What do you think about opening a bookstore?” Lindsey asked. Alexandra replied instantly, “Let’s do it.”


Lindsey and Alexandra had already co-founded another business together, Get It Done, where they guide clients through the journey of writing a book and becoming a published author. Opening a bookstore felt like a no-brainer. 


They chose the name, One Idea Books & Gifts, because every big, beautiful project begins with one tiny idea. Whether you dream about writing a book, opening a business, renovating your home, or giving back to your community, it all starts with one idea. One idea can start a ripple effect and touch many lives. 

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